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Algorand trading & wallet

Charts, swaps, stats in one mobile app, with full Algorand composability.

We combined the best features of traditional crypto trading and real-time portfolio monitoring with the independence and security of DEFI.

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Defly Price
Defly Price
In-app 24h Swap Volume
In-app 24h Swap Volume

Fully own your funds

Defly is a self-custody wallet which means you are the only one who has access to your private keys. Everything about Defly is designed to keep it this way, unlike most crypto exchanges.


Trade like a pro

Defly packs the most complete market view into an app of its class. This means the best situational market awareness always backs your decision-making.


Grow with the ecosystem

Defly has a fully loaded roadmap. As Algorand grows, so will the capability of the app. First stop is multi-DEX trading, starting with Tinyman and Algofi.

Full wallet, super-charged for trading.

Low fees
Fast and secure transactions
Decentralized & encrypted
Defly App PreviewDefly App Preview

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Token Rendering

$DEFLY Token

$DEFLY is our utility token. It is the backbone for developing the app, expanding the TVL, fees and rewards.


The $DEFLY token (ASA-ID: 470842789) was created on Dec 17, 2021 with a fixed total supply of 1 billion tokens. $DEFLY tokens are used in the fee model of Defly app.

Circle Segment Presale 30%

Back in January we launched this project with a token presale. For this we allocated 300M DEFLY and sold out in 2h. These tokens will be unlocked over a period of 5 months starting on April 4, 2022. As promised, we will unlock the first 20% on April 4 and over the course of each following month we will release another 20%. After April 4, we will release tokens on a daily basis for a slow and steady distribution. The exact schedule is 20.09% of the presale tokens on April 4, then 0.655% for every day thereafter until August 4, 2022 (122 days). For details see the DEFLY presale release schedule.

Right when presale tokens unlock we will start our reward programs. Through liquidity mining, yield farming, and staking our early backers will be incentivized to voluntarily keep "locking" their tokens long-term.

Circle Segment Liquidity 30%

The presale ALGO payments were matched 1:1000 with 300M DEFLY to start our DEFLY/ALGO liquidity pool on Tinyman (Jan 19, 2022). With more DEXes coming to Algorand this liquidity will be strategically used to fund swapping pools and keep price impacts to a minimum. As of this writing we have pools on Tinyman, Algofi, and Pact.

Circle Segment Development 15%

This is the budget to fund the development of the app. Initially the team committed to locking these funds for 6 months with a 6 months taper.  To further communicate our team's long-term commitment we are happy to announce that we decided to extend this to 12 months (starting January 4, 2023) with a 12 months taper (~0.28% of dev fund per day). This means the earliest these funds will be fully unlocked is January 4, 2024.

Circle Segment Marketing 5%

The marketing fund is intended for running the various communication channels, both extern and within the ecosystem. We primarily use this for partners and advisors who help us get our message out in an effective and cohesive way. Design work and websites are also funded with this. We generally work with people who have a vested interest and share our long term commitment to holding DEFLY.

Circle Segment Expansion 20%

Expansion is about increasing the utility of the app and the token. As the Algorand ecosystem grows we may provide liquidity to new use cases out of this fund. This specifically happens when starting new swapping pools on additional DEXes. Similarly to the other funds we focus on uses that do not require us to liquidate any tokens.




  • Accepted under the Algorand Foundation Grant Program
  • $DEFLY Token created
  • App core functionality completed


  • Start of token presale
  • DEFLY/ALGO trading pool on Tinyman
  • Closed beta phase launch
  • Public beta phase
  • Security audit started


  • Production app release
  • Support for multiple swap protocols
  • Implement advanced portfolio stats
  • Support price alerts via push notifications
  • Security audit completed


  • Support for NFTs
  • Support for Fiat On/Off-Ramps
  • Support for Algorand Governance


  • Support for dex-style limit orders (escrow stop orders)
  • Support for cross-chain bridges

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